My Rugby Dream

Posted by Buni

Let me take you back to Nottingham Trent University circa 1997-99 and we’re at the Student Union Bar. I used to go there quite often as it was only £1 a pint and the young undergrad guys were nice to look at. I myself was a mature student, as I’d decided to attend at the not so tender age of 24. However, this didn’t stop me from enjoying the company of guys a few years younger than me. After some time there developed a few favourites; some I even managed to ‘have’; some became friends; some I simply distantly longed for. Specifically, there was one such guy who really got me hot under the collar. At the time I had no idea what his name was though if there was some function held within the union he was always on the door, checking our credentials and allowing entry.

He was a really handsome fellow. He was quite tall, taller then myself and had mousey blonde hair that was in that floppy university / jock style. The most important feature though was his body. He was so obviously on the rugby team as he was just enormous and always wore a rugby shirt in the union colours. He had huge, muscular arms and the thickest legs that possibly required trousers that needed special tailoring to accommodate them. I would always enter the union bar and give a little smile over my shoulder to see what his reaction would be. Though to no avail.

Now lets all fast forward to the beginning of this year and I’m at work. I enter the deli one lunch time where I work and there he is, my rugby dream. Immediately I’m getting hot under the collar again and for some strange reason, I’ve got butterflies that are moving around my stomach like a herd of elephants. I’ll be honest in that I was excited at the thought of him starting work at my place as the guys already working there weren’t really much to look at. Thus, if nothing more then it made a pleasant change. He has his lunch about half an hour before me though on occasion these times have overlapped and I’ve had the opportunity to make a few furtive glances his way. On some occasions he’s even gently smiled back.

So time has passed and on rare occasions I have either passed him in the corridors or as he works in finance, I have had to consult with him two times regarding a specific report that I have to produce. So yesterday just before I left work I ran the said report. After rather a busy morning I finally got round to completing the report and sent it off to S. Then something strange happened. He emailed me back starting conversation. Then these emails just started flying back and forwards between us. There wasn’t anything rude or flirtatious in them, just conversation. The thing I did find a bit strange and at the same time exciting was that these emails were going back and forwards for 3 hours.

Now, tell me if I’m wrong but when there’s a getting to know you conversation going on between two guys non-stop for 3 hours, that kind of indicates to me that it’s not just my report he’s after!

All comments and advice graciously welcome.
The writer of this post will not hold the advisor responsible for any kicks, punches or disciplinary action he may receive.

Update: He’d left our conversation yesterday with “Talk to you tomorrow.”. . . 
I waited but there was no email forthcoming. Hurrumph!

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