Drowning one’s troubles, isn’t one?

(posted by Aunt Cyn)


Oopsy-daisy. Hic. Auntie Cyn has a confesssshion to make.

Auntie Cyn ish an ickle bit tipshy.

You shee, I was cooking a nice meal for that nice German handyman I mentioned before – he’s had a verrrrry hard day being handy, you shee – and I was adding some cooking sherry to the sauce. An ickle drop for the sauce. A glass for Cyn. An ickle drop for the sauce. A big glass for Cyn. Oh dear, bottle’s nearly finished. Better finish bottle. Ooh my dear, I do feel slightly odd.

My German handyman wasn’t impressshed when I came in to sherve the meal, tripped and landed in his lap, spilling the sauce all over his shirt. Oops. I even offered to lick it off. Yesh, ooh dear my head.

BUT BUT BUT – Auntie Cyn has good news too.

I have my first internet crush. Oh yes. Come to me, big boy. I was reading shome of the commentsh on this here weblog earlier, and a rather wonderful chap called PETER said, “I’m almost a hundred”. My kind of age. Then I went to visit his site and it turns out that he’s naked!!! I almost passssshed out at this point, but had a nice strong cup of Breakfast Tea and felt much calmer. But really, Peter, if you fancy shome of this mid-60s auntie who’s seen the world and isn’t shocked by anything (well, almost) then do get in touch . . . mmmm. Be still Cynthia’s beating heart, be still!

Ooh, I’ve jusht dishcovered that I have another bottle of sherry in the larder …

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