Organ Accumulator.

(posted by noodle)

When Parky told me about the creeping liver the other week, I laughed. Her mother had once told her that if a piece of liver is placed on a work surface near a glass of milk, the liver will crawl towards it. I said she was pulling my leg. No, she said. Then her mother was pulling hers. She didn’t think so, and she thought she’d heard the same story somewhere else. I told her it had to be a myth, a mythtake.

Then today I came across this anecdote (you’ll have to scroll down a little to the piece marked FT129). I can’t find any other reference to this phenomenon on Google. Has anybody else ever heard this story? Or witnessed it? There’s only one thing to do. On Saturday I’m going to buy some liver. In the interests of science, I urge you all to do the same.

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