Lei lines.

(posted by Mr. D.)

Did I mention we’re holidaying in Hawaii this year?

To celebrate my 50th and our 30th (it’s “pearl” this year, by the way) we’re going via Pearl Harbour, to visit the memorial. I feel a molluscy-type present coming on, though the beloved is not really a Pearly Queen yet.

Any suggestions? Up to a fiver? Hell, let’s push the boat out and I’ll stretch to a tenner!

Luckily, friends own a coffee plantation on Big Island – http://hawaiicountry.com/ – so with our best friends accompanying us as usual, we six will be watching those glorious sunrises and sunsets, necking mai-tais and generally getting royally wrecked.

And my best mate and buddy (that’s what they call your scuba-diving partner – it’s a support role, nothing else. Ok?) and I will be diving with manta rays.

The beloved’s a Pisces but scared of drowning, so she won’t be going marlin-fishing with us either.

Better up that present threshold to £15…

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