Is this gay enough, Mike?

(posted by Faustus, M.D.)

Yesterday, I attended the Gay and Lesbian Business Expo with the gay and lesbian cheerleading squad of which I am a happy member. Well, I also attended Saturday, but that’s not relevant to this story. On Saturday, I saw several people with dogs–these were queers, after all–so I decided to bring my dog, a Maltese, with me on Sunday. Alan Cumming, star of Cabaret and many fine films, was there doing something, and we ran over to him to drool, and then the most extraordinary thing happened.

Alan Cumming called my dog a sweetheart.

Then he had his picture taken with her.

I almost fainted from shock and joy. I’ve been spending the time since then trying to get my dog to understand how incredibly lucky she is, but I don’t think it’s getting through to her. However, she is on her way to being able to bark out a passable rendition of “Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome,” so that next time I will the one Alan Cumming calls a sweetheart.

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