Uborka Friday Cocktails

HIATUS BREAKER ALERT! Following a special dispensation from @erzsebel, I am opening the bar for UBORKA COCKTAILS, for THIS AFTERNOON ONLY.

However, drinks orders will only be accepted if you PIMP YER STUFF, either on the Twitter or in this comments box. Update: I have waivered this rule, on grounds of inappropriateness to the era of British blogging which this post references.

Orders will be totted up, and drinks doled out, at 16:45 UK time.

NOTE: If you haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m on about, then please resume the default “Troubled Diva on Indefinite Blogging Hiatus” position.


16 thoughts on “Uborka Friday Cocktails”

  1. Orders already received: a Bloody Mary for @erzsebel (“following the recent slaughter of wasps”), and “one of those champagne and Guinness things” for @Gert. And @merialc thinks “we need cocktails that have little flecks of gold in them”.

  2. Hmm, we do seem to be quite light on pimping. But I guess that’s in keeping with those innocent, faraway 2004-era blogging times. Rule duly waivered!

  3. I got really confused there for a moment. I saw a link on Twitter. And then ended up on a blog. Wondered what it was. Then I took seventy-three Sanatogen, a packet of cod liver oil tablets and shouted incoherently at a bus queue for a few minutes about not behaving themselves and letting pensioners go first, and now I feel as right as rain. I said NOW. I. FEEL. AS. RIGHT. AS. RAIN. Yes, 83, YOU KNOW. This all used to be fields. I didn’t fight in the great blogging war so all you young whippersnappers could just do the Twitters and the Facebooking.

    As you see, I have nothing to pimp except a slightly unhinged mental state at the end of a busy Friday in a dead end job. Seriously. Will that do?

    Now, mainline me some absinthe straight into my liver. Thanks.

  4. Yes, yes, the uborka mix. we get that out every time we feel nostalgic for those heady days of cocktails and fondant fancies. but what were we listening to *from* 2004? My bloody Mary needs a soundtrack.

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