Music diary project – Day Three

09:45 – 09:48
Vendela – Punk Rock Song

How: YouTube on iPhone
Where: office
With: just me

I came to this via Twitter, which led me to Popjustice, which led me to YouTube. Enjoyably daft Scandi-pop with silly lyrics about 1977 and Patti Smith, which appealed to my “popist turncoat” side.

12:30 – 12:35
Martin Solveig / Dragonette – Hello

How: Spotify on iPhone
Where: leaving the office, out on the street
With: just me

Sometimes, the best way of dealing with an earworm is just to give in and play the damned thing.

12:35 – 13:35 (intermittently, with pauses)
Big Audio Dynamite – No, 10, Upping St. (tracks 1 to 6)

How: Spotify on iPhone
Where: out and about in the city centre
With: just me

I’m seeing BAD tonight, so this was preparatory listening. “Hello” into “C’mon Every Beatbox” turned out to be a remarkably effective segue.

14:30 – 14:44
Britney Spears – Heaven On Earth

How: Spotify on iPhone
Where: office
With: just me

Marcello Carlin’s forensic dissection of this track (from his forthcoming book-of-the-blog, The Blue In The Air) compelled me to play this again. I’m not much of a Britney fan and so I never really gave her Blackout album a chance, but a favourable consensus is slowly building around it – particularly for the way that it accurately foreshadowed the commercial dance-pop of the past two years – and, yes, this is a terrific track (and only Marcello could correctly spot the Scritti Polittii connection!)

15:20 – 15:28
Nebraska – This Is The Way

How: YouTube on iPhone
Where: office
With: just me

A Facebook friend posted the YouTube on her wall, and I followed the link. Able, sunny, funky, French-sounding (although actually Dutch) filter-disco-house from September 2010.

17:30 – 17:45
Basement Freaks – Something Freaky
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band – Ngeruok Joshirati Pt 1
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal – Regret – A Kader Barry

How: Spotify on iPhone
Where: walking home
With: just me

A shuffle of my “albums not yet listened to” playlist yielded these three, including two pieces of African music. Basement Freaks didn’t really do it for me, and neither did the last track of theirs that I played, so that one’s coming off the playlist.

19:15 – 20:00
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always A Woman
Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
Boy George – Everything I Own
Adele – Rolling In The Deep
Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – Up Where We Belong

How: BBC Radio Nottingham
Where: at the radio station
With: BBC staff, and listeners to BBC local radio in the East Midlands

I did a half hour stint on the radio this evening (click here for Listen Again, starts at 32:30), talking to James Lloyd about stories in the news today – which, in my case, involved yakking on about Big Brother, Rupert Murdoch, John Prescott, Vince Cable and Mariah Carey. These were the tunes that preceded my broadcast, and which were played between our slots. I enjoyed “Everywhere” the most.

21:00 – 22:45
The Kinks – Lola
New Order – Blue Monday
unidentified ska track
Big Audio Dynamite live set: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Medicine Show, Beyond The Pale, Robin Hood (Riding Through the Glen), A Party, V. Thirteen, Bad, Just Play Music, C’mon Every Beatbox, Sightsee M.C! Other 99, The Battle Of All Saints Road, Rewind, 20th Century Fox theme, The Bottom Line, E=MC2, Rush

How: live gig
Where: Rock City, Nottingham
With: fellow gig-goers

Although I interviewed Don Letts for the Post, I wasn’t on reviewing duty for this gig – and I’m not about to reverse that situation by reviewing it here, either. Suffice it to say that BAD were great, Mick Jones was unexpectedly smiley throughout, the punk rock dads frugged like it was 1986, and that “The Bottom Line” and “E=MC2” were the highlights.

23:40 – 00:00
Burial – Street Halo EP (all three tracks)

How: iTunes on laptop through external speakers
Where: home
With: just me

First play. Really liked this. The first track was a bit of a clubbed-up curveball (comparatively speaking), then the second and third tracks reverted to more recognisable type. Ideal late evening listening. I’m not bored of this formula yet.

Favourite track of the day: Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2 (live at Rock City)
Worst track of the day: Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always A Woman

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