I Hate Change.

Welcome to my new blogging abode, hosted by WordPress. I didn’t want to move, but Blogger’s imminent withdrawal of support for publishing via FTP has forced my hand – added to which, my comments provider (Haloscan) has just shut up shop.

So here I am: newly WordPress-enabled, and already missing the reassuring familarity of my old template. That said, who ever looks at the front pages of blogs these days? The RSS reader is king, after all.

As for my old blog, which has served me well for over eight years, it won’t be moving anywhere in a hurry. And please don’t forget my “professional” blog, which I continue to use as a repository for published articles.

I can’t promise a return to regular blogging service – but stranger things have happened. Best subscribe to the feed and see what develops, eh?

17 thoughts on “I Hate Change.”

  1. I know the feeling, but luckily have always been hosting my own blog, which is why it’s still old-school Movable Type and looks like it was “designed” (if I can be as bold as using the D word) in 2003, because, err, it was.

    Happy Birthday, btw. I’m off to subscribe to the RSS feed

  2. Are you going to import everything from the old one? I got that to work eventually.

    Welcome, anyway. It is good to see you blogging.

  3. I don’t think I’ll be doing that, JonnyB. Firstly, the old one is pre-historic “Old Blogger”, which makes things a bit trickier; I’d have to convert to Blogspot before importing. And secondly, it’s just a bunch of old archives, that nobody reads apart from random Googlers! I’m not fussed about where they sit, as long as they’re available somewhere. Also, the pick of my old posts are all indexed with permalinks, and I’d have to re-code the old list – but there are literally hundreds of them to wade through. So, nah, best not.

    Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome, by the way. I could get used to this “blogging” lark. (JOKE.)

  4. Yup, looking smart, shadowed drops (whatever they are) and all. Although I’m slightly disturbed to see the term “Theme Contempt” below this comment box. Have you hired Vault9 to be contemptuous of your theme if all others are too positive?

  5. Looking extremely peachy, young Michael – I love the colours. (Btw, I cried yesterday – your mug fell out of the cupboard and broke :() I am still trying to get used to WP – I do prefer Blogger – I managed to wipe out an entire part of my right-hand column today. Q put it back, but it’s a bit of a mess.

  6. I look forward to reading hours of the same old nonsense in a new place. Can we have some obscure modern music references soon, please? I am getting a tad anxious about their absence.

  7. 5 points to Captain Beaky, 4 points to Shocking Blue, 3 points to the Glee Cast, 2 points to Lonnie Gordon and 1 point to Daphne & Celeste, please.

    Oh hang on, we’ve been there, done that, sorry.

  8. secondly, it’s just a bunch of old archives, that nobody reads apart from random Googlers!

    Lies! I just used your gloriously detailed archives to find a specific piece of information. I knew I could rely on you.

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