Some Spotify playlists, for your weekend pleasure.

If I’m going to get through a month’s worth of daily postings, then Fridays are going to be the toughest gigs of the week. For traditionally, Friday evenings fall into four tightly packed sections, with scant room for a fifth:

1. The frantic weekend packing session. Undies to sort, shirts and shoes to put out, CDs and papers to pack, laptops to stow, bins to put out: in nearly nine years of splitting our lives between town and country, we’ve yet to learn the fine art of Travelling Light.

2. The drive to the village. Fifty minutes on a good run, but almost always interrupted by the statutory two pints of Marston’s Pedigree in the Red Lion en route. That first sip of that first beer is one of the absolute highlights of our week. Simple pleasures.

3. The frantic weekend un-packing session, followed by the week’s one and only microwaved ready meal. Fridays aren’t for lingering over gatsronomic delights; they’re for chowing down and moving on through…

4. …to the sofas in the sitting room, for Friday Night trash telly. Tonight being a particular highlight, as it’s – as of course you all know – the grand final of Big Brother Series 10. Yes, we’re still watching it. Yes, it’s still compelling telly.

So with the bags all packed and K due back in seconds, I’ve only got time to chuck a few Spotify playlists in your general direction:

1. Hits of September. One song per year, from 1960 to 2009 – the common link being that they all entered the UK singles charts in September, and reached the Top 20 at some point thereafter. Starts with The Ventures and The Shadows; also includes The Temptations, Mott The Hoople, Japan, Cameo, Inner City, Suede, Hole, Rachel Stevens, Justin Timberlake, and many more.

2. A Touch Sensitive. A fine playlist from William B. Swygart. Laura Cantrell, The Doobie Brothers, Saint Etienne, Kevin Ayers, Chic, etc…

3. And speaking of Saint Etienne: its three members have compiled three playlists, in a mostly mellow vain. Bob Stanley’s is here, Pete Wiggs’ is here, and Sarah Cracknell’s is here.

4. All the Top 40 hits of 2009, in chronological order. A vintage year, I’m telling you!

5. Seminal by yer_mam. I love this playlist, compiled by a Manchester blogger: it’s wildly eclectic, yet cannily sequenced, and frequently gem-revealing.

6. Late Summer Laziness, by Unreliable Witness (he of the eponymous blog). Belle & Sebastian, The Cure, Tindersticks, Pavement, Hot Chip, Mazzy Star… oh, and is that Saint Etienne again?

7. Best Beatles Covers Ever! The Beatles aren’t on Spotify, but plenty of their songs are. This playlist arose from a couple of threads on ILM.

8. Pitchfork’s Top Tracks of the 2000s. Some OCD sweetheart out there has compiled the US music site’s critical picks of the last decade – all 500 of them – into a series of lists. I could kiss them. 500-401400-301300-201200-101100-5150-2120-1.

Will that do? For I must dash. Happy weekend listening.

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