Playlist for a Sticky July Evening.

If you have Spotify installed (with all due apologies to overseas readers who don’t have the option), then you might enjoy this four-hour playlist, which I compiled “as live” over the weekend – i.e. by playing all the tracks in full, and only adding to the list one track in advance, like the proper DJ that I used to be. Designed specifically to be heard on a sticky, sultry summer evening, it starts very gently, hots up, calms down a bit, then hots up all over again. It’s totally retro, and precision-geared towards pure pleasure.

Click on the partial Spotify screengrab to activate the playlist. (There are a few more tracks above, and many more tracks below.)

And if you do already have Spotify installed, then might I urge you to cough up £9.99 a month for the premium version? Not only is it advert-free, but an ever-increasing number of tracks will now stream at 320k, which is double the bit rate of the free version. Worth every penny, I’d say.

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