TwitterTitters – it’s the new Shaggy Blog Stories!


Two years ago, I came up with the idea for Shaggy Blog Stories – a paperback collection of comic writing from British bloggers, in aid of Comic Relief.

One year ago, Sarah Peach published You’re Not The Only One – a blog-book collection of “intimate and personal stories”, in aid of War Child.

This year, and once again with Red Nose Day in mind, Linda Jones and Louise Bolotin have continued the tradition with the newly published TwitterTitters: “a tweetin’ hilarious collection of new comedy writing”. The difference this time round is that the project has been publicised and managed through Twitter, rather than through blogs.

Fear not, though – this isn’t some sort of loo-friendly collection of 140-character bon mots, but a proper book with proper writing from proper people (myself included, hem hem), who just happen to have Twitter streams. There’s a forward from comedy writer Nat Coombs (creator of Chelsey: OMG!), and a brand new piece by Dave Spikey, of Phoenix Nights/8 Out of 10 Cats fame.

I’m delighted that Linda, Louise and their team have picked up the baton on this one, and dead chuffed that my submission has made the final cut. All that remains is for me to urge you to buy a copy, from

There’s more about the project here, and also via @tweetree on Twitter.

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