Spotted during the week…

dbpretendt1. Diamond Geezer’s Two Minute Silence expanded upon the concept of “Lest we forget” to memorable effect. This one haunted me all week.

2. Clare Boob Pencil’s Fairy Tale series fondly examined her relationship with her grandparents over four decades and five superb, poignant posts. (Follow the “to be continued” links at the end of each episode.)

3. Sarsparilla posted a couple of new dispatches from Darkest Peru. One is a white-knuckle bus ride through almost unimaginably treacherous terrain; the other is a delicious skewering of a couple of hippy travellers.

4. How could I resist listening to this? The first ten seconds of every UK Number One single of the 1980s (via Adrian). (Warning: you may never want to hear a Fender Rhodes again.)

5. It’s been quite a week for my old pal Dymbel. On Thursday evening, he and Dymbellina celebrated 25 years as a couple, K and I joining them at Restaurant Sat Bains for possibly the best meal I have ever eaten. And yesterday evening, we attended the launch event at Bromley House for Dymbel’s first published adult novel, The Pretender. I’ll be posting a review of the book as soon as I’ve read it – but in the meantime, here’s an introduction in the author’s own words.

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