10cc Top Ten.

I found out through Betty that some blogger is collecting 10cc Top Tens. “This is a sort of Group-Mind thing whereby we use 10cc as a sort of upside glass-tumbler on an ouija-board”, he says. Splendid, I say. Here’s mine.

1. The Dean And I. Why, its scope is positively cinematic. I’m a sucker for a good condensed multi-part mini-drama (see also Squeeze’s “Up The Junction”).

2. I’m Mandy, Fly Me. Especially the bit where the acoustic guitar comes in, and then it all builds up and up and… ohh.

3. Life Is A Minestrone. Fab 208 under the bedclothes, yadda yadda.

4. Donna. My sister and I thought they were such funny fellers on TopDiPop, especially the bloke with the squeaky voice. (LOL! Creme.)

5. The Wall Street Shuffle. “Dow Jones ain’t got time for the bums.” A searing critique.

6. Rubber Bullets. You can’t beat that glam-rock chunka-chunka-chunka beat.

7. Art For Art’s Sake. We bought this for a Christmas party in 1975. Not a dancefloor anthem, as it turned out. (That honour belonged to “You Sexy Thing”.)

8. I’m Not In Love. “It’s just a w@nking phase I’m going through”, we sang at school. What wags we were!

9. The Things We Do For Love. I’m starting to struggle a bit here, to be honest.

10,000. Dreadlock Holiday.Safe European Home” for uncool people with curly perms, and hence obviously – obviously! – unforgiveable. I sense that this analysis might lack a certain rigour.

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