There’ll be radio silence on Troubled Diva for the next couple of days, as K and I will be in London, helping our two dear old friends celebrate their formal civil partnership ceremony.

The happy couple stayed with us on the first weekend they got together, almost exactly ten years ago, so it feels like we’ve been with them every step of the way. (Apart from the having sex together bit, and the moving in together bit, and the having jobs in London bit. But you know what I’m getting at.)

Tomorrow’s celebrations are made all the more significant by the fact that this is the first civil partnership ceremony that I will have attended, other than our own. (K attended another, but I was working in China at the time. I did the CDs for that one, as well.)

At long bloody last! It’s a DWEAM CUM TWOO!

(They’ve just booked a DJ, by the way. Well, I suppose the lovingly compiled CDs might come in handy as backup…)

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