And we wonder why she’s Number One?

Shall we play a little game of spot the difference?

BBC Radio 1 (hip and happening Yoof Music for Ver Kidz), BBC Radio 2 (soothing middle of the road sounds for Ver Mumz ‘N’ Dadz) and BBC 6Music (cutting edge alternative “tracks” for The Burgeoning Middle Youth Demographic) all use to monitor what tracks they’re playing.

These are the current weekly “most played artist” charts for each station.

Oh, brave new world of Listener Choice!

I shall say no more… (*)

Radio 1:

Radio 2:


(*) Update: Actually, there is one more quite important thing to say. Take another look at those three lists. Now tell me how many non-white artists feature on them.

So, that would just be Leona Lewis then? For shame, BBC.

(Thanks to Marcello for the spot. There’s more discussion in the comments.)

See also: Blackbeardblog: A white season. An interesting follow-up post from Tom Ewing.

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