Bloggers, how’s yer traffic?

If my increasingly limited excursions through Blogland are anything to go by, then it would seem that a fair number of long-time regular bloggers are experiencing a downturn in traffic to their sites. In order to confirm or deny this, I’ve set up a wee poll. (Don’t worry, it’s completely anonymous, so please be open and honest.)

Yes, there might well be a think-piece at the end of all this. Hey, you know what I’m like…

Bloggers, how’s yer traffic?
Has traffic to your blog increased or decreased over the last six months? (NOTE: Please answer this question only if you have been blogging regularly for 12 months or longer.)

My traffic has significantly increased.
My traffic has slightly increased.
My traffic has stayed more or less the same.
My traffic has slightly decreased.
My traffic has significantly decreased.

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