Curses. Today's post was going to be a straight re-print of a lengthy freelance article which I wrote this week, all about a local independent hip-hop label and its roster of artists. Unfortunately, the article isn't actually appearing until next Friday. So I'm a little scuppered for content, and am having to resort to the "e-mail to Blogger" facility in order to get something published…

…before I get on the train to London this afternoon, and head over to the O2 Arena for NOT one, but TWO shows by Prince: the big show in the main arena, followed the after-show jam session in the smaller Indigo venue next door. Apparently, the after-show set doesn't start until around 1:15 am, so it's going to be a long – but hopefully brilliant – night.

I'll then be cadging a lift back up to Nottingham with Dymbel's brother – who I'm looking forward to meeting, as I've been told that he administers a Yahoo group for my teenage musical idol, Kevin Ayers. Oh, there'll be chat a-plenty back up the M1 tomorrow morning…

Then it's over to t'cottage tomorrow, for my (and indeed our) first visit in three weeks. Gawd knows what state PDMG#1 will be in, following such a lengthy period of neglect. Secateurs wa-hey! Where do I start chopping?

There will be a full review of both Prince shows in due course – but again, probably not until next week, as I'm writing them up for t'local paper. What a tease I am.

If I haven't remembered the drill for e-mail to Blogger, I'm absolutely jiggered. Fingers crossed!

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