When Mike met Duke, and other stories.

dukspelMy interview with the Irish singer-songwriter Duke Special can be found in the EG supplement of today’s Nottingham Evening Post, and also on the paper’s website. To my surprise and delight – as I was expecting some fairly savage cuts – the full 1200 word feature has been published exactly as I wrote it. This makes me very happy, as it’s my favourite piece of work for the Post to date, by some distance. Even if you’re not that interested in the man himself, he has some interesting observations to make on the songwriting process, and on the extent to which personal experience can be spun into fiction without compromising its essential truthfulness.

Meanwhile, a few pages further on in the same supplement, a Q&A session with X Factor finalist Ray “Snappy Fingers” Quinn makes my recent interview with Shayne Ward look positively Socratic by comparison.

(Incidentally, for all you Shayne fans out there: here’s Chig’s review of his Tuesday night show at Nottingham Arena, as composed on the PC in our study, while the rest of us all sat around and chatted. I couldn’t have coped with the distraction, being far too much of an “I need space!” prima donna, but Chig didn’t have a problem with it at all. The man is such a professional.)

And finally, on a completely unrelated note, here are a couple of choice links from the past week’s browsing.

1. Adrian Sevitz: Unemployed, Single and Ill. A remarkable piece of home video, made using stop motion photography over the course of several days, with a well-chosen soundtrack.

2. For his regular “Open Thread Thursday” spot, Joe. My. God. asked his predominantly gay male readers: What was your worst sex ever? The many, many answers which follow make for fascinating reading, in all sorts of ways – but be warned, and I cannot stress this too strongly – the content is very, VERY explicit, and absolutely NOT for the squeamish.

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