Ah, the sweet smell of desperation…


Do you fancy a hot date this Valentine’s Day? Well spend the big day with your loved one and Tuesday 13th February with Shayne Ward.

If you’ve not got your tickets yet there’s still chance to spend a night with last year’s X Factor winner at Nottingham Arena.

Hmm. Perhaps that “major arena” tour was a little over-optimistic after all?

Having turned down the chance to review Shayne’s Nottingham show this evening (the interview was quite enough, and we’ve decided to see Dreamgirls instead; even more Gay Points), I have instead sub-contracted the assignment to Chig, who will be hot-footing it over from Birmingham this evening, notebook and pencil in hand. (The relief from my editor was palpable.)

As usual, K and I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day, because a) we don’t do slushy, b) it only distracts attention from my birthday on the 17th, and c) it’s a bag of bollocks, as this lethally accurate post from last week’s Post of the Week shortlist illustrates.

Alternatively, maybe I’ll send him one of Meg’s Anti-Valentine cards instead. It wouldn’t be the first time…

While we’re on the subject of Post of the Week: although the project is going every bit as well as I had hoped, we could still do with a few more volunteers. To this end, we have introduced a new category of volunteer: the Permanent Judge.

The duties of a Permanent Judge are dead simple, and not in the least bit time-consuming. Once every four to six weeks, you’ll be asked to read the shortlist – which contains between six and twelve of the week’s best posts – and to e-mail the names of your favourite five posts, in order of preference. You’ll have from Saturday lunchtimes to Sunday nights to do this. I can’t imagine it taking any longer than 30 minutes at most, and you’ll get to read some damn good stuff into the bargain.

If you’re interested, then please e-mail me.

What do you think of Post of the Week, anyway? I’d be interested to hear your opinions, criticisms, suggestions, whatever…

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