Showing my workings: an explanation for the feed readers.

Blessed are the RSS watchers; for they shall see the “inappropriate humour” posts, slapped up on a whim and hastily withdrawn. Context is key, and I sometimes forget that not all who pass though these doors are necessarily equipped with that context.

Cursed are the RSS watchers; for they shall be burdened with scores of old posts, re-published in order that New Blogger “labels” might be added. My apologies for the intrusion.

I’m loving these new-fangled “labels”, though – as they are helping me to bestow retrospective order upon the more unkempt areas of my archives and sidebar. For while most people – normal, sensible people with a sense of perspective and a functional set of priorities – are happy to let their archives grass over, I like to tend to mine, keeping them neat and clipped and accessible, with their more prominent features clearly marked.

It’s a time-consuming process to be sure – but there’s something about grinding monotony in the service of neatness and tidiness which appeals to something deep and primal within me. In Neolithic times, while others were out a-hunting and a-gatherering, I would have been the one stuck back in the cave, ranking mammoth tusks by size, or age, or curvature, or pointiness. Or maybe organising a “Mammoth Tusk of the Week” poll amongst my fellow Neanderthals.

Anyway. Before the SHEER UNADULTERATED JOY of Which Decade Is Tops For Pops kicks off again on Monday, I’m having a behind-the-scenes Maintenance Week.

And interviewing pop stars. And getting some order back into the Nottingham house, after the kitchen refit. And sourcing a 20-second “walk” interlude for the dressage music (thank God for BPM analysing freeware, and iTunes smart playlists). And keeping a watchful eye on Post of the Week. And savouring home-grown leeks, donated by lovely fellow bloggers. And purchasing the word “bottom”, twice. (More explanation here.) And enjoying exceptional posts written by good friends. Busy busy busy!

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