DANGER, CLIQUINESS ALERT: It’s the obligatory annual “Hurrah for my mates at the Bloggies” post.

Yes, it’s Bloggies finalists time!

No, of course I wasn’t. Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit here snivelling for a while, with only my nearly one million page views for comfort. No need to, you know, leave me a comment or anything. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

(Look, I’ve been going five and a half chuffing years. My Gloria Swanson phase is long overdue.)

Anyhow. It’s double congratulations to Tokyo Girl Down Under, who achieves the unique distinction of qualifying for the “Best Australian/New Zealand” and the “Best Asian” categories. Now, that’s what I call globe-straddling.

Over in the “Best African or Middle Eastern” category, I am pleased to see the delightful My Marrakesh – a blog which I only discovered yesterday, via my, erm, comments box. (Shut. Up.)

In “Best European”, it comes as no great surprise to see My Significant Other Is A Silly Sausage popping up for the 50th year running. Oh, the ennui. As Annie Lennox was to the Brits, so Zoe Twat is to the Bloggies. Wouldn’t be the same without, etc etc.

Ah, but look at this! What a turn-up! Joining last year’s winner Girly One Track in the “Best British/Irish” category, what do we find but that inseparable pair of subversive scallywags: Andre of A Beautiful Revolution (“Woe Is Me, I Am All Alone, Like An Empty Drinks Can Tossed Into The Gutter, Now I Know How Joan Of Arc Felt, That Will Be 73 Comments Please Thank You Oh When Will This Misery End“), and Unreliable Witness of An Unreliable Witness (“Oh How I Loathe And Despise The Very Concept Of So-Called Blogging Awards Continued Page 94 Everybody Please Nominate Me Thank You.“) The game’s up, boys!

Pausing only to cup our hands to our mouths at the stultifying predictability of the “Best American” section, to wonder how the hell Pitchfork qualifies as a weblog in any meaningful sense of the word, and to sigh with dismay at what the “Best GLBT” category tells us about the state of the Queer Nation in 2007 (I’ll leave Joe. My. God. to go into more detail on that one)…

…we skip merrily on to “Best Writing”, where we find the awfully well-written Pandemian (I knew her when she was a Green Fairy) jostling for position with the splendid (even though I haven’t read it in yonks, mea culpa) Waiter Rant.

And finally, making his second consecutive appearance in “Lifetime Achievement”, we have darling Peter from Naked Blog, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dooce, Fark, Slashdot and Wil Wheaton. Life begins at sixty!

If you feel the need to offer your condolences in the face of the scandalous snub that has been meted out to Troubled Diva (nearly one million page views and counting!), then my box is always open.

(In our business, we call this “drumming up trade”.)

Update: Er, wow. I’ve just had it confirmed (Twitter private messaging, I salute you) that TD did in fact make the long-list for “Lifetime Achievement”. That’s totally awesome, and as much as I could possibly wish for, and greatly appreciated. Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to vote.

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