I’ve been updating the sidebar this week.

Yes, I know that my sidebar is basically one great big pimpfest for the archives, and I know that you stopped looking at it months – if not years – ago, but I still adhere to the principle of keeping as much material as possible just one click away, rather than burying it away on never-visited sub-pages. The theory being that as newer readers scroll down the posts, something or other in the sidebar will catch their eyes, luring them into a bout of speculative clicking. (Judging by my stats, this would seem to happen reasonably often.)

Anyhow, I have added a new section which might be of interest, as it will lead you to EXCLUSIVE NEW SELF-PENNED CONTENT! (of an uncharacteristically “Web 2.0” nature for Little Old Luddite me, but it’s the old-school “Spirit of 2002” aspect which hooked me in).

Let’s see how long it takes for you to spot it. And once you have spotted it, do feel free to join in…

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