Open Mike #6 – Question 7.

patita asks: Any interest in ressurecting

Now, that takes me back. Remember the lively discussion we all had about this in February? Volunteer judges made themselves known, a working party was set up, a site design was implemented… and then… in early May, it all ran out of steam. Mainly because, for my part, Real Life got in the way, big time.

However, now that Real Life is basically back on an even keel, it would be good to pick up where we left off, and to get the site properly launched. To this end, I have just put out a call to re-convene the working party. If all goes well, then I’ll be re-recruiting volunteer judges in the near future – and I’ll be contacting last February’s volunteers, to see if they’re still keen.

It could be a whole heap of fun – it could be a disasterous flop – but unless we give it a bash, we’ll never know, will we?

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