Counting down the most happening sounds around: it’s the Troubled Diva “Yesterday’s So Over, Now Is All We Have” Hot Twenty! With links!

1. once and never again – the long blondes (video)
2. let’s call it off – peter bjorn & john (audio) (video)
3. let’s get out of this country – camera obscura (audio) (video)
4. take me back to your house – basement jaxx (video)
5. last night i nearly died – duke special (audio) (video)
6. nothing’s gonna change your mind – badly drawn boy (audio) (video)
7. rehab – amy winehouse (audio) (video)
8. myspace – chicks on speed (audio)
9. ice cream – new young pony club (audio) (video)
10. beware of the dog – jamelia (video)
11. idlewild blue (don’t chu worry ’bout me) – outkast (audio) (video)
12. lovelight – robbie williams (audio) (video)
13. this is not real love – george michael featuring mutya (audio)
14. here in your arms – hellogoodbye (audio) (video)
15. magick – klaxons (audio) (video)
16. alala – cansei de ser sexy (video)
17. something kinda ooh – girls aloud (audio) (video)
18. herculean – the good the bad and the queen (audio) (live video)
19. standing in the way of control – the gossip (audio) (video)
20. no pussy blues – grinderman (a.k.a. nick cave) (audio)

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