A status update on JP.

Last update: Wednesday afternoon. Updates will be sparser from now on, but I’ll append anything important to the end of this post if needs be.

For those that know him: my good pal and colleague JP arrived safely in Hong Kong on Saturday, and will remain in hospital there for at least the next couple of weeks, under close observation. His partner Big J is there with him, as is DT from our company. Here’s the address of the hospital.

To our considerable amusement, JP has made it into one of the Hangzhou newspapers (*), who somehow managed to “pap” him at the airport, being lifted onto the air ambulance in a stretcher. The accompanying article is, shall we say, something of a work of speculative fiction. As well as giving JP the wrong surname, it claims that he is a 29 year old (he’ll love that!) tourist, who was on a sightseeing bus at the time of the accident (he was knocked over on the street while leaving the office), and that he had a three hour operation (there was none) in the wrong hospital (he was transferred to another one almost immediately).

dB from the Hangzhou office, who has been giving me daily phone updates for the duration, and who has generally been doing a magnificent job all round (as have a whole host of volunteers from the office, who have been maintaining a constant 24 hour vigil at JP’s bedside), has more to say on the events of the past week on his own blog.

(*) It’s a 1mb PDF and the photo’s a bit grim, so caveat clickor.

Monday afternoon: JP is no longer fully sedated (a precautionary measure while the swelling near his brain was at its worst), and is reported to be in his best condition since the accident took place last Tuesday. He is becoming a lot more alert and observant, the swelling is going down, his neck brace has been removed, and – although obliged to remain horizontal at all times – he is able to move around a lot more. Meanwhile, dB has posted a translation of the Chinese newspaper article on his own blog.

Tuesday afternoon: JP’s condition has continued to improve, and he is now able to take medicine orally. He is sitting up in bed, but is not expected to be able to get out of bed for another two weeks.

Scans have shown that the swelling caused by the bruising to his brain is now subsiding. The doctors have said that his neck is now OK (there were some dislocations) and that his shoulder fracture does not require them to immobilise the shoulder.

Wednesday afternoon: JP has had his first proper meal since the accident – fish and chips – and is going to start receiving physiotherapy. From here on in, he is basically going to be spending most of the next couple of weeks sitting up in bed and watching TV – so here endeth the daily updates.

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