Nobody cares. I hate you all.

Look, I’ve been to BLOODY HOSPITAL, you know? In SHEER BLOODY AGONY, in case it had slipped your attention. And DO I GET ANY SYMPATHY? DO I? DO I?

Because I’d say that THREE MEASLY COMMENTS, all of which were placed merely to TEASE AND MOCK ME, is NOT WHAT ONE MIGHT HAVE REASONABLY EXPECTED UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Petite Bloody Anglaise would have had 200 “ooh, poor poor you” comments by lunchtime. Girl With A One Track Mind would have had armies of journos besieging the hospital staff for the full lowdown on any interesting birth marks. But Mike bloody Troubled bloody Diva gets THREE BLOODY COMMENTS, even though he might be WRITHING IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN RIGHT THIS SECOND, NOT THAT ANY OF YOU LOT WOULD BLOODY CARE.

Yes, the Diazepam has well and truly worn off.

I expect better from you in the future.

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