Mood: Considerably less enamoured of fiddly repetitive tasks than I was an hour ago. They got even fiddlier, and so stopped being pleasantly mindless bung-some-music-on-and-let-your-fingers-fly chewing gum for the brain. In fact, I had to turn the music off altogether.

Physical state: Well, the tea was nice. (Christ, he spends FIVE MONTHS doing INTERESTING THINGS in London, and tells us NEXT TO NOTHING about them because he CAN’T BE ARSED, and then expects us to be interested in CUPS OF CHUFFING TEA, honestly, this blog stretches patience to the LIMITS.) But I reckon I’m about two hours away from crashing and burning. And, er, about three hours away from entertaining a house-guest whom we haven’t seen for several months. Oh dear.

Other observations: Doing multiple copy/pastes without the aid of ALT-TAB is a right old pain. It’s a Remote Terminal Access via Java thing, the details of which I shan’t presume to trouble you with. Hark at me and my tech talk!

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