Mood: As baffled as I was at 11:00, since a representative from the planet Venus has yet to contact me. In the meantime, I received an e-mail casually asking “Can you just quickly go into Yadda Yadda and check the status of Blurgle Blurgle”, which presented a bit of a challenge as I had NEVER knowingly been to Yadda Yadda before, and had no idea how to check the status of Blurgle Blurgle. Now feeling rather pleased with myself, as I managed to work the whole thing out with no assistance, thanks to my amazing detective powers, and so was able to fire back an equally casual reply. (“Yup, Blurgle Blurgle doing just fine.”)

Physical state: Better, because after my Yadda Yadda/Blurgle Blurgle triumph I treated myself to a celebratory poo (I’m usually a 3pm poo person, but it was a special occasion), which I enlivened with a quick round of Nokia Snake (Spiral maze setting). I’ve had a shiny new replacement handset for exactly a week, but can’t be arsed to transfer all the phone numbers, and besides, the shiny new handset doesn’t have Snake on it. SUCH a Luddite.

Other observations: This time an hour ago, and rather to my surprise, there was no tune on my internal jukebox – but since then, “Telephone Line” by the Electric Light Orchestra has installed itself on auto-repeat. I’ve been listening to quite a lot of ELO lately, having recently purchased their latest Greatest Hits thingy – which is RUBBISH, as it doesn’t have “Last Train To London” on it, and there’s a re-recorded version of “Xanadu” with no Olivia Newton-John on it – but it was the only CD in the shop, and my need was an urgent one.

Incidentally, I had to make two doctor’s appointments on two consecutive mornings this week, both at the same time, and on both occasions they were piping ELO’s “Mister Blue Sky” into the waiting room. Do you suppose they play the same music in the same order, at the same times of day, every day? How grim would that be?

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