Yes, it’s another link to a gig review.

Greg Dulli & The Twilight Singers, Nottingham Rescue Rooms.

Some gig reviews, I can rattle off within 40 minutes of getting home – but they tend to be the duller, flatter ones. (“The current single xxxxx got a rousing reception from the capacity crowd.” Gee, you don’t say.)

Other gig reviews – the ones where I feel like making more of an effort, and the ones where I credit my perceived audience with a little more intelligence – can take up to an hour and a half. Particularly when I’m so congested with hay fever that two pints of cooking lager end up feeling like four.

(Hay fever? I almost never get that, and certainly never before to this degree, and so have been quite ill-prepared. Thank the Lord for Benadryl Plus, and thanks to JP for recommending it this morning.)

200 words really shouldn’t take 90 minutes – but these ones did. However, it must have been worth it, as in an unprecedented fit of generosity, the sub-editors have only removed ONE word from my original copy. See if you can fill in the word which they chopped out. I spotted it immediately.

(Clue: it’s an adverb, I think. Well, I’m not entirely certain – but, you know, process of elimination.)

(And BONUS POINTS if you can spot the one glaring piece of lazy hack bullshit. Hey, it was LATE…)

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