We are wed.

OK, the gloves are off, the deed is done, and K is now my legal bitch. Which means that I can now use words like: marriage, husband, reception, in-laws, honeymoon. Such liberation.

It is late, and I am drunk (but he is drunker), and we have to be up in six and a half hours to head off for our honeymoon in the Maldives.

But, come on, I know I’ve made you suffer in the last few months, but did you really think I would bugger off to a tropical island paradise without sharing a few pics of the Happy Day with you lot? Course not!

partn01 partn02 partn03 partn04

I guess this means we’re no longer alternative and counter-culture. It’s a small sacrifice to make.


That we should have lived to see the day.

Back in just over a week.


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