Not an entrepreneurial bone in my body.

Well over twenty years ago, I had this ace business idea. Not for something that would ever have made me seriously rich, but for the sort of pile-em-high, sell-em-cheap novelty that might have been massive for a few months, before vanishing as quickly as it had arrived. You know: like clackers, bonce-boppers, or the SDP.

OK, so I never acted on the idea – but it always comforted me to think that no-one else had ever come up with it either. My cosy little pipe dream: the Killer App which got away.

Via a rather circuitous route, and some judicious Googling, my pipe dream has been abruptly shattered.

In fact, it was shattered over ten years ago, had I but known at the time. (*)

Damn. Look, I was getting around to it, OK?

He who hesitates is lost. It’s a cut-throat world out there, folks.

(*) This is the link which you click to find out what my Big Idea actually entailed. What do you MEAN, tacky? Given the right marketing push, they could have been MASSIVE…

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