If you’re local…

epost-jan06…then might I direct you towards the pull-out Business section in today’s Nottingham Evening Post? I’ve written a “Business Diary” piece for them, which traces my second week in Hangzhou, from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Inevitably, it covers much of the same ground as some of my recent blog postings – but with more of a business-orientated slant to it, as befits its target audience. Demographically versatile, that’s me.

Update: They’ve given me a nice splash on Page 7; over half a page, with a colour photo of downtown Hangzhou. The less said about the photo of me, the better; let’s just say that I seem to have developed a jawline to rival Bruce Forsyth and Will Young.

Still, none of this can compare to today’s front page story: BURGLAR HID HAUL INSIDE HIS FALSE LEG: Amputee admits 51 raids. Consider me comprehensively out-scooped.


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