Fancy a chat?

Right then. It’s Friday evening in Hangzhou, Friday afternoon in the UK, and I’ve finally – after a lengthy chain of authorisation requests which have taken all week – secured a broadband connection in the flat. As my flatmate J arrives tomorrow, this is the last time I’ll have the place to myself. So what better time – especially bearing in mind my lack of e-mail access – to have a little chat with my esteemed readership?

If you’re passing by, then please pop into the comments box and say hello.

(There’s just one snag: the comments seem to have gone down. Typical, just my luck, etc etc. Let’s hope that they’re restored before bedtime, eh?)

Saturday morning update: Aha. It would seem that my comments system is blocked by the broadband service in the apartment, whereas it is permitted in the office. Typical, just my luck, etc etc etc. Sorry to have missed you all last night.

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