Older readers might remember The Naked Novel, in which a selection of bloggers took it turns to write successive chapters of a piece of modern fiction. (I was responsible for Chapter Three.) Sadly, the project ran aground after Chapter Seven, due to a succession of exponentially bewildering plot twists, more characters than anyone could reasonably keep tabs on, and various uncorrected inconsistencies which rather destroyed people’s motivation to continue.

(Still older readers might remember a similar project called “Chapters”, which foundered for broadly similar reasons.)

However, I’m sure that a similar fate won’t befall Blogstory: a promising new “bloggers club together and write a novel” project, as organised by Vitriolica. Indeed, I’m still kicking myself for not volunteering my own services in time. Chapter One, by Clare “Boob Pencil” Sudbery – a published author, no less – has just been published, and it’s a terrific opener.

Here’s the full list of participants. What’s more, each chapter will be hand illustrated, by a crack team of leading lights from the Hand Illustrated Weblog Movement. How’s that for Added Value?

There will be bonus points for the first person to spot Clare’s cheeky little homage to Troubled Diva, buried away in Chapter One. Points, but not prizes. Do you think I’m made of mugs?

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