“And you may ask yourself: how did I get here?”

Cripes. Troubled Diva would appear to be a finalist in the Best Poof category for something called The Weblog Awards 2005. Now into their third year, The Weblog Awards have emerged from the political wing of the US blogosphere – more specifically, the Conservative/Republican right wing – and this is inevitably reflected in the lists of finalists in most categories. Not least my own, which contains only one blog which was previously known to me.

In fact, looking through my fellow Best Poof nominees – virtually all American, current affairs based, politically Conservative, and slathered in almost identical advertising – I find myself increasingly amazed to have made the final fifteen. Not in the customary “Oh My Gahd, I’m So Not Worthy!” sort of way, but more in a “What The Hell Am I Even Doing Here?” sort of way.

But hey. A popularity contest is still a popularity contest, and you know how much I love popularity contests. Hard-wired for hierarchy, that’s me.

So, if you do feel like casting a vote for Tro-Di, then I’m not about to discourage you. (Please admire the delicately double-negatived understatement of this blatant plea.) However, you will need Macromedia Flash Version 7 in order to participate. Best – and might I say weirdest – of all, you can vote once per category every 24 hours, from now until December 15th. Yup, multiple voting is totally allowed! It’s a whole new concept of democracy, folks! Awesome!

Casting my beady eye over the other categories, I’m pleased to see a few other familiar names making the final cut. From my blogroll, we have:

(Of course, what happens next is that every one of the 550+ finalists will make giddy, breathless “Oh My Gahd I Can’t Believe It VOTE FOR ME!” posts, which will sit somewhere near top of their blogs, thus obliging the diligent voter (well, you never know) to read 550+ posts on the same topic. The combined effect is curiously homogenising. Oh, and you’ll soon know those BlogAds off by heart. Go on then, off you trot. Work to do.)

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