Pouffey borders.

I do hope you’ve all been enjoying my colourful new image borders. Having noticed them first on Dooce, and second on Blogjam, I quickly twigged that these were this season’s “must have” blog accessories – and so spent chuffing ages working out how to code them.

(Don’t ask. Very boring, and I’ve been told off for talking Tech before. Trial and error, basically. Probably lots of better ways of doing the same thing – but now I’ve got it working, I’m sticking with it.)

Anyway, in the course of a recent comments box discussion, I foolishly referred to my border colour as “mauve”. Not so, apparently.


Which, I have to say, bears no resemblence to any “mauve” which I’ve ever seen before – but who am I to question the wisdom of Wikipedia?

qB of frizzy logic – by now my official colour consultant – posited that the colour might be closer to lavender. Which would make it even more pouffey than mauve, but no matter.


Not to be thwarted in her colour matching quest, qB then suggested the rather more old-lady-ish lilac.


However, having consulted the full Wikipedia colour list, I have concluded that my borders most closely resemble thistle.


“Thistle” it is, then. Or at least, “faded thistle”. (Dried thistle? Pressed thistle? Wilted thistle?)

In the meantime, qB was busy developing and naming a brand new shade – a process which she discusses in mind-boggling detail on her own blog. Thus honoured, I can now present the first ever image border in the exciting new colour for Fall 2005…

… frizzy diva!


You can all wake up again now – we’ve finished pissing around with pouffe-assed palettes for today. Keep it pastel, blogpals!


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