The bug that won’t stop biting.

Oh, this is just sodding ridiculous. The flu symptoms are back with a vengeance, and the chesty wheezing won’t shift either. So I’m off work again, with a doctor’s appointment booked for Friday.

At mainly horizontal times like these, Sky Plus and the TCM channel are great comforts. Today’s viewing schedule has included:

  • In This Our Life. Good Sis (Olivia de Havilland) versus Bad Sis (Bette Davis, whadda BITCH!)
  • A Very Social Secretary. Bernard Hill does a cracking David Blunkett, in an expectation-exceeding satire which takes no prisoners.
  • Mildred Pierce. La Crawford at the peak of her powers, with Ann Blyth as the Ungrateful Brat Daughter from Hell.

So, you know, being at death’s door has its compensations. But, ah me, I have been sitting upright for far too long now. My couch beckons. I’ll buzz you if I need anything.

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