The Dong with a Luminous Nose.

Sunday, late afternoon. Mike is sitting on the bench at the far end of the long lawn, back to the street, newspaper in hand. K approaches, bearing two cups of Earl Grey. Mike looks up.

M: The tip of your nose is all shiny and orange.

K: Oh, I think I know how that happened. Shit!

M: What did you do?

K: This is so embarrassing…

M: Come on, tell me.

K: I was, er, sniffing the day lilies. You know, while I was dead-heading them. I must have stuck my nose in a bit too far.

M: Eurgh, lily crap!

K: Awful stuff. Has it gone yet?

M: No, you need to give it more of a wipe. Try wetting your finger. Almost. Yep, all gone.

K: Oh dear, that’s just so…

M: Don’t worry. It’s a commonly observed condition.

K: What’s that, then?

M: Ponce-nez.

K: Hahahahaha!

M: Hahahahaha!

K: That would make a good little vignette on your blog. Are you going to write it up?

M: I’ll think about it.

K: Ponce-nez! Hahahahaha!

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