Inner voices.

Something occurred to me earlier today.

A lot of my favourite weblogs are what you might call “personality based”, ie. where the unique, distinct personality of the blogger is clearly discernible in the writing style.

When reading these blogs, I will often imagine that they are being read out loud by their author. Consequently, a little “performance” voice will switch itself on in my head, as I start to dramatise the reading to myself: accents, cadences, pauses, the lot. (It must be the repressed thesp in me.) This phenomenon is particularly evident when I have either never met the blogger in question, or else have no tangible memory of their speaking voice.

Right now, I’m particularly proud of my Guyana-Gyal: a blog which absolutely reads to me as if it were the script for a series of filmed monologues.

Does anyone else ever do this? Have you ever done this while reading this site? And if so, then did my podcasts make any difference to your interpretation? (I ask this because my Naked Blog voice has shifted somewhat, after hearing Peter recite some of his posts.)

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