Countdown to civil partnership: making plans for that special day, with Mike and K.

– Did you get your web access back at work today?

– Yes, we did.

– So have you got round to reading the final part of my “wedding” series yet?

– Oh, didn’t you see my comment?

– Well, there wasn’t one at ten to six…

– Hmm, the screen did go a bit funny after I pressed the Submit button. It must have got lost.

– What did it say?

– I’ll type it in again, shall I?


– OK, it’s done. Do you want to swap places?

– Where is it? Oh, you’ve closed the window. Ah, got it. Yes, haha, very good.

– Thank you.


– You know, this is a very post-modern way for a couple to discuss these issues. Most people would just have an actual conversation.

– Pfft, who wants to do that?

From the Women & Equality Unit of the DTI: Civil Partnership Act 2004 – Frequently Asked Questions.

“A civil partnership will be registered once the couple has signed the civil partnership document in the presence of a registrar and two witnesses. The exact format of this document is still being finalised. There will be words printed on the document which the couple will be able to say at the time of signing the document, though the exact words are still to be confirmed.”

Two witnesses, eh? People are just going to have to form an orderly queue.

Also, I do hope there’s going to be none of that “With my body I do thee worship” business. Most unseemly. Especially at our time of life.

Creative writing assignment, satire module #1: How would you word such a document? Let’s have some vows that today’s modern same-sex couples could really use! Answers in the comments, please.

Full information from the DTI, including a downloadable version of the official Civil Partnership booklet (released today), can be found here.

Update: My colleague JP has just downloaded the booklet, and has printed off two copies: one for him and his intended, and one for me and mine. This is so COSY! All of a sudden, we’re turning into those irritating people in the office who keep discussing their wedding plans! (Sorry, S. You KNOW I don’t mean you.) Yay for equality! Are you collecting for your bottom drawer?

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