BlogDay 2005.

Apparently – and why wasn’t I told about this before, because you know what a good little joiner-in I am – there’s a gi-bloody-normous pan-global mass participation stunt going on today, by the name of BlogDay (via). The premise of BlogDay is that:

Bloggers from all over the world will post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude.

Anything to spread the love, I guess. Or, more to the point: I was already planning to introduce two new blogs to you today, so why not add three more to the list?

So, if you’ll forgive me for paying scant regard to the “different from your own” part of the assignment, here are five blogs which I have never linked to before.

  • Argy Bargey. It’s always nice to be inspirational. This was created just yesterday, by no less a figure than The Other Gay One In The Office, as a direct response to my recent “I like staring at ladies’ bosoms” posting. As a result, I shall have to stop referring to him as The Other Gay One (which would have made a nice little acronym: TOGO), and shall instead use his new blog name of JP forthwith. Welcome to blogging, JP!
  • Reluctant Nomad. Although this was created over a year ago, following his three-week stint as a guest blogger on Troubled Diva, my erstwhile midweek drinking partner Alan has let it lie dormant until today. About bloody time and all! Welcome to blogging, Alan!
  • Anchored Nomad. He’s reluctant, and she’s anchored; how unfair life can be. Sarah lives in Chicago; she has a Portuguese husband; she’s rather partial to my podcasts; and I like the cut of her jib.
  • Anybody remember Well, this is where veteran Amsterdam blogger Caroline ended up next – and frankly, it’s a disgrace that I haven’t linked to it sooner. Caroline has been in this game since 1999, which makes her one of the First Bloggers Ever – and, when the history of our illustrious medium comes to be written, she will surely be remembered as The Inventor Of The Permalink. Oh yes! We have also spent a couple of very pleasant evenings together, supping beer and chuffing fags in one of the Irish bars on the Rembrandtplein. OK, so she absolutely loves U2 and Joss Whedon, and I absolutely do not – but diversity is key, don’t you think?
  • Guyana Gyal. But if you really want Cultural Difference, then this might be just the ticket. This blogger from Georgetown, Guyana has a style all of her own: a kind of African patois, which I find most evocative. Watch this one: she’s gonna make waves.

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