MAGENTA: the darker side of pink.


Tsk, why don’t people TELL me these things? Magenta is an alternative club night for Nottingham’s alternative poofs/lezzers/bothways/trannies and their hetty mates, which runs on the third Friday of each month at the Bunkers Hill Inn, down at the bottom of Hockley. (Last pub on the right before you get to the Ice Stadium, and it’s in the room upstairs.)

Despite minimal publicity (ie. no-one I know had even heard of it before yesterday), the event is now into its sixth month, with people turning up from all over the place… and it’s happening again tonight, between 9pm and 1am. The music policy is “rock, indie, punk, electro, alternative 80s”, and the previous setlists look well cool, and if I wasn’t going out to watch some dodgy end-of-the-pier glamorous and talented drag acts at Cabaret tonight (with Mish, Alan, Moviebuff and the usual suspects), then I’d be getting my one and only “rock and roll” black T-shirt out of the bottom drawer (it glows in the dark; mucho Gay Goth points), sucking my cheeks in, strapping my 18-hour girdle on, and popping along myself.

If any of you do make it down there (because obviously, the Nottingham Gay Goth constituency of my readership is HUGE), then please let me know what it was like, OK?

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