Consequences : Post 20

Posted by Pam Br

“In the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of meaningless sex.”

Or at least I think that’s what she meant, because what the text message actually said was “N the lst phew weaks ive had a lt of meeningliss sx”. I’m going to delete her out of my phonebook. Whilst the potential for gossip is huge I am no longer willing to tolerate this stupid text speak any longer. I’m no grammar nazi but when the spelling gets that bad it’s just not worth it, especially when I know it’s deliberate. She’s got a bloody degree for (insert deity of choice)’s sake.

What annoys me more is that it’s not even used solely in text messages anymore. You see it in emails, in chat rooms and internet forums where supposedly serious topics are being discussed. Take this example from a discussion about the guy who was shot by police in London the other day – “it wood be comon practis in the ruls of engayjement ot fiyre mor then 1 rnd if a suisiyde bomer is suspectid…. u need a few shots in fast sucessiun to kill em as fast as possibel…. u r not triin to incapoasitayt coz the they cood still detonayte, wich is a buger if u wer a misunderstandin …but bloody luky if he was a suisiyde bomer”.

My brain hurts trying to decipher that. Surely it takes more effort to mix up the letters than it does to type it correctly in the first place ! Does this person speak like that in real life ? How long before it invades the whole country ? Can we look forward to programmes like “Noos at Tin wiv Treva MicDonalt”and “Kryme Seen Infistigaysean” ?

Incidentally, there was no reply from the person above when I questioned why they felt the need to communicate in this manner. Maybe they were off consulting their English to Neanderthal dictionary. Save us from the stupid people !

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