Consequences: Post 2

(Posted by Clair)

The corny ones will get you every time…

My life is ruled by cliches. Every day there is a cliche that describes my life, and slowly I’ve got to come to grips with the fact that my life isn’t perfect.

There are good things that happen, and bad things. There are obstacles to overcome and hurdles to be jumped. But despite all this, life goes on.

As a race, humans are remarkably good at carrying on despite everything. We plough through and achieve despite the odds. The odds might be terrible, we may be facing war or poverty, slavery or hunger, but we have a humongous will to carry on. An innate desire to survive, despite all the odds. And I think we should be proud of this. Proud of the inner strength that drives us onward. We should be proud of what makes us, us.

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