OK, who’s up for a little bit of collaborative guest-blogging fun?

A few days ago, Mimi popped into my comments box to say, amongst other things:

Can you come up with some more games to play like the imitation writing game a few weeks ago? I’m kinda bored and I have free time.

How could I refuse? Besides, it has been nearly a year since we last had guest-bloggers on this site, so it’s high time we threw open the doors once again.

This time round, I shall only be requiring one guest post from each contributor, to be made some time between now and the end of July. Since this is hardly an onerous commitment, I’m hoping for a reasonably healthy number of volunteers.

If you’re up for it, then please e-mail me at mikejla at btinternet dot com, stating which of the following three posting “concepts” you would like to work with. I’ll then tot up the number of votes cast, and will go with the most popular option.

1. Blogging Consequences.

This would involve the brazen re-appropriation of a concept which Vaughan introduced on his own site three years ago, with quite marvellous results. Basically, each participant has to take the last sentence of the previous post, and use it as the first sentence of their own post.

2. Weblog archive: July 1995.

Imagine that you were blogging ten years ago, when John Major was still Prime Minister, Britpop was in full swing, and 28.8k dial-up modems were the stuff that dreams were made of. What piece might you have written back then?

3. What I Did On My Holidays.

With the holiday season nearly upon us, please regale us with your most memorable holiday anecdote – be it tragic or transcendent, comic or cathartic, sordid or sublime.

Bear in mind that you should be prepared to adhere to whichever theme receives the most votes. Other than that, feel free to interpret the chosen theme in any way you like. Ooh, I’m getting a good feeling about this already!

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