Stylus UK Singles Jukebox: Writ Anthemic.

Last week, I only managed to squeeze out three reviews. This week, I’ve done a little better, with opinions offered on new releases by Shakin’ Stevens (respect to the old fella), Jem (early 90s girlpop is BACK), The Long Blondes (as tipped on TD a couple of months ago), Patrick Wolf (give it a rest, Wordsworth) and Bark Psychosis (it EVOKES).

However, if you’re one of the 0.01% of my readership who still actually goes out and buys singles (and I didn’t need a readership survey to fathom that one out), then my purchasing tip for this week is also the Stylus panel’s favourite: the immense “Lose Control”, by Missy Elliott (featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop). She still hasn’t lost it, folks!

(Incidentally, and lest you think otherwise: mug that I am, I actually do go out and BUY my favourite two or three (or sometimes four) singles from each week’s Stylus column. Because I’m fair-minded like that.)

And all of a sudden, I’m curious. So, tell me: what was the last single you bought? Can you even remember?

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