Readership Survey Results: Part 1.

First of all, can I just say a big Thank You to everyone who took the time and trouble to answer the survey. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

Secondly, to those of you who were concerned that I might allow the results to influence the future direction of the blog: chill, dudes. That wasn’t the purpose of the survey.

So what was the purpose of the survey?, I hear you cry. Idle curiosity, mainly. A chance to obtain some concrete answers to a few questions that have been buzzing around inside my head. An experiment, a novelty, a chance to fuel my Excel addiction, and – who knows? – maybe even a useful piece of research that will uncover a few truths about blogging. But hey, let’s not get too meta with our meta, shall we?

(Note to pedants: not all of the percentages will add up to 100%. It’s a rounding thing. Not a big deal.)

1. Please supply the following five pieces of information about yourself: your gender, your age, your sexual orientation, your relationship status, your country of current residence.

Of the 92 who replied, 53 were male and 39 were female, revealing a gender split of 58% to 42%. However, looking at the gender divide by sexual orientation, the ratio of straight men and straight women is fairly even, whereas there are far more gay men than lesbians. Conclusion: that I have a fairly even gender balance of straight readers, with an additional gay male readership that skews the stats.

Age-wise, the youngest reader was 18 and the oldest 58. Looking at the age groups in percentage terms:

18-19 – 2%
20-29 – 33%
30-39 – 36%
40-49 – 24%
50-59 – 4%

This indicates a fairly even spread of 20- and 30-somethings, with a drop-off after the age of 40… although looking at my stats in detail, the actual drop-off comes after the age of 43. Which also happens to be my age.

In fact, it turns out that a full 82% of my readers are younger than me. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Meanwhile, Troubled Diva’s appeal to the Saga demographic is minimal to non-existent, and its appeal to senior citizens is completely zero. Must be all that new-fangled pop music.

One curious statistical blip: I’ve got loads of readers who are 28 years old: 9 of them, or 10% of my readership. I dare say that there are perfectly sound astrological reasons for this.

Now, here comes a surprise: most of my readers are straight men! Who’d have thought that Troubled Diva had so much Bloke Appeal? Speaking as that comparatively rare creature, a gay man with a lot of straight male friends, I find this most heartening. Here’s that sexuality breakdown in full:

Straight male – 31 readers.
Straight female – 26 readers.
Gay male – 22.
Lesbian – 4.
Bisexual male – 1.
Bisexual female – 8.
“Pomosexual” female – 1. (I am insufficiently post-modern to work that one out.)

(Although one male reader described himself as “like Eddie Izzard, a lesbian in a man’s body”, his marital status then gave him away as straight. Nice try, though.)

This makes for a sexuality divide of 63% heterosexual, 27% homosexual and 10% bisexual (all those bisexual women were another surprise). For a supposedly “gay weblog” (if certain blogging awards categories are to be believed), that’s a fairly low gay readership. But then again, I don’t tend to write much about gay issues, gay politics or the gay scene. Indeed, the overtly “gay” content on this site has probably decreased even over the lifespan of this blog – mainly because my lifestyle has become progressively less “gay” over the past five years or so. If I had been writing Troubled Diva ten years ago, then the story would have been very different (and you probably wouldn’t have been able to move for all the sodding rainbow flags).

As for relationship status: 42% are partnered/co-habiting, 30% are single, and just 22% are married. How modern is that? Of the remainder, four are dating, one is engaged, and – thrillingly – one is a “mistress but hoping to be legal in a few years”. (Good luck!)

There will be more results later. Many, many, many more. Oh, this is manna for my soul!

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