Big Blogger 2005.

Courtesy of Watksi and The Long Lost Lagomorph, here’s a potentially cracking new blog-stunt thingy: Big Blogger 2005. Fifteen bloggers; various tasks; voting; elimination; and one eventual winner.

OK, so something similar has happened here before… and something similar is happening here right now… but I don’t think there has ever been a UK-based version before. And I think that this has the potential to be a complete hoot.

The organisers are currently looking for contestants, and have put out a call for nominations. As there’s nothing in the rules against it, I have duly nominated myself. So if you too have a ruthlessly competitive streak and are best motivated by fear of failure/enjoy creative collaborations with like-minded souls, in a nurturing and mutually supportive environment (I’d say “delete as appropriate”, but in my case I actually think that both apply), then hurry on over and pimp your ass! Or somebody else’s!

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