Land of Too Many Effing Drums: Stylus Does Eurovision 2005, Part One.

Still suffering from Eurovision withdrawal symptoms? If so, then here’s a chance to relive the glories of Saturday May 21st all over again, as Stylus magazine’s panel of observers (including myself) offer a blow-by-blow “as live” commentary. Part Two Three follows tomorrow.

Also on Stylus today: this week’s UK Singles Jukebox, in which you’ll find my comments on new releases from Faithless (brutal desecration of lovely old album track), MC Lars (clever-clever music biz satire), Groove Coverage (I *heart* crappy low-rent Euro-dance cover versions!) and Ben Adams (former boybander strives for “maturity”).

Because I abhor waste: here’s a fifth review, which didn’t make the final cut.

Blue Orchid – White Stripes [8]

The yardstick against which this must be judged is, of course, “Seven Nation Army”. Does it have the Big Riff? Oh yes. Is the riff big enough? Potentially – but with its arena-filling potential as yet untested, it is difficult to say for certain. That aside, the familiar Jack/Meg dynamic is as engrossing as ever, and the overt Led Zep-isms (with Jack cast as a screeching Page/Plant hydra) are pulled off with aplomb.

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