Oh, that goes in there. Then that goes in there. And then it’s over.

Two weeks ago, I was still struggling with them. Some would end up in the bin, scrunched into cross little balls, messed up beyond redemption. The others would go to a proud little trophy pile at the edge of the desk, too perfect to chuck.

About twenty minutes of concentrated graft would generally do it – providing I swapped to “large” before printing, as I had a strict, sequential system which necessitated a lot of minuscule scribblings and crossings out along the way.

Today, faced with a supposedly hard one, I found myself abandoning the system for a looser, more holistic methodology. In not much more than ten easy minutes, it was done; tossed onto the pile with a triumphant flick of the wrist. Hard my arse.

The lesson – that an experientally acquired holistic approach will beat a painstakingly applied sequential approach, once the necessary leap of faith is made – is one I could do with bearing in mind, linear thinker that I am. But enlightenment has its price. Today, that flick was triumphant. Tomorrow it will be casual. Soon it will be indifferent. And then my fun will be over.

Bored now. Next craze please.

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